Action Movie fights that engage your mind for few minutes- Khaidi

Action Movie fights that engage your mind for few minutes- Khaidi

Do you know the south Indian cinema industry is currently at its peak and appreciated by all people, not just in India but across the globe? South Indian motion pictures are presently turning into a top pick among movie lovers. Since this industry’s content is getting captivating and of high quality, more people have started watching these films. The perfect sets, lively dance moves, foot-tapping music, and astounding on-screen exhibitions finish together to lend a rich audio-video experience related to South Indian film. But with the lockdown, the film business has drooped significantly. But after a year now, things are getting back to normal. Still, if you can’t spend your money and energy routinely visiting the theater and watch your favorite Telugu movies. Therefore, you can enjoy watching Telugu Movies online on platforms like OTT. They have an incredible range of movies online HD. The wide cluster of delectable film and series content makes Aha a fantastic OTT choice for the whole family. One such film streaming on Aha is Khaidi.

Khaidi is one of the extremely rare movies that hold you into the story when you begin watching. It has a fantastic setup and straightforward approach that will put you directly at the center of the show. It continues to improve as the story pushes ahead.

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, this Telegu film is captivating in each scene that unfurls on the screen. Karthi, Narain, Vijay TV Dheena, Mariam George feature the star cast of the film. Director Lokesh is so sure of his abilities that he doesn’t keep down any turns and puts out his whole plot and characters in the initial twenty minutes itself. He, at that point, portrays the story in parallel tracks, and there is not one second where the screenplay skips a beat.

The story setup and the portrayal are genuinely in Hollywood action dramas that take place in one evening. With a holding screenplay, the director perfectly balances the stunts with father-little girl emotions drama. The show continues to move between three strings yet doesn’t confuse you. The film is likewise aided by top-class specialized technical output. Notwithstanding the two hours of action scenes, one hardly feels depleted because of the phenomenal action scene by Anbar. Anbar’s actions and Sooryan’s cinematography have given another dimension to this action-packed movie.

 There are few amazing songs in the movie on the technical front, and the foundation score is pulsating. The cinematographer’s work stands like a pillar for this film. Editing work is impressive. Production values are perfect.


In general, Kaidhi is a genuine and dark cinema drama that intrigues its target audience. Karthi’s makeover and director Lokesh’s making will cherish the individuals who appreciate serious drama shows. It ought to be watched and enjoyed for its legit taking, distinctive portrayal, and Karthi’s staggering performance. So don’t hold yourself back from getting entertainment. Subscribe to Aha and binge-watching the latest full Telugu movies online like Khaidi.