How to do automated reply to the instagram messages

How to do automated reply to the instagram messages

If you are running a business, where you want to promote your business products to reach targeted customers through instagram application, then you can make use of the automated replay to the instagram messages. The best way to reach the targeted customers is to send the automated reply messages to your instagram followers as a welcome invitation message for your business products. In which you can also send the automated welcome message to the instagram users who are not there in your contact list or in your followers list. If you are willing to do the automatic reply to the instagram messages so that you can send massages immediately to any person who sends your instagram account messages then you can try out the slide application which is free to use. With this application you can easily manage the direct message in instagram from the cloud service. Moreover this application will backup all your messages in one central location for your entire team in order to make the access convenient one.

Step by step process to setup automated reply to instagram messages

The following are the simple steps which you need to follow to setup the automated reply instagram direct messages to the users. They are.

  • First you need to login into the official sit of the slide application and must create a account
  • After login into the application you need to set up your instagram account on the business settings page
  • Enter the keyword that you want to target in the incoming messages
  • Enter in the response that you want to send to your instagram followers
  • Click save button then repeat the same step for other keywords

In case if you are sending the multiple keywords in the text message then you can separate the keyword by using comma Through this slide application you can send bulk of instagram messages to the instagram users who are not your followers.