The steps involved in removing an item from eBay store

The steps involved in removing an item from eBay store

The eBayis a popular e-commerce company, where you can sell or buy the products through online and this is a well-reputed company for its expertise and is considered as the great company where you have many options for selling and buying products. If you have listed an item on the site sometimes you need to cancel or remove that item for any reasons which is the basic requirement and this can be done at any time and also you are not charged any amount for this kind of action on eBay.

Common reasons for deleting the item in the eBay

The following are some of the common reasons for deleting or removing items fromeBay. Losing or breaking the article or there may be any misplacement in the details of the product such as price or other details and also sometimes the seller will have a change in his personal desire on the listed item.

Steps in canceling an item in the eBay

The process of canceling or removing items fromeBay is not very complex for dealing with and following are the steps for canceling an item in eBay. Visit the site of eBay and you can visit it from any device that supports web browser through an internet connection. The next step is log in where you have to enter the username and password of your seller’s account and after that tap the sign-in button which is blue in color.

You will receive a 6-digit number from the site to the contact number that you have given while during the registration process. Check the text message for confirming your security and enter the confirmation code on the web page. Now click the continue button and then at the top of the right-hand side of the page that is next to bell icon, search for the My eBay button where you will get the list of your items and there you can choose the delete option for the particular item.